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Townhouse Home Staging

Elegancia Básica, when clients have approached us to sell their property, we have taken a view that to offer a property fully dressed with an instant wow factor is far better than reducing the price of the property to sell.

Denis at Elegancia Basica was  approached by a client newly arrived from the U.K ,  having a Town house and a large garden and  pool,  but only had the bare essentials inside, and an empty garden.

We listened to our clients tastes and lifestyle, but was given a blank canvas to work to.

The lounge we added light colours, lemons and light greys, mirrored furniture to expand the space and lots of plants that flowed through the house to the garden.

The stairs and landing where given a light grey brick work affect wallpaper which really transformed the area and ambience.

One of the bedrooms was converted into a  comfortable office which suited our clients business needs, and two other Bedrooms in total different colours that still flowed throughout the house .

The stairs leading to the solarium, had a large mirror to reflect the unusual pictures, and plants on the stairs.

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Townhouse Pool & Patio

With this exterior plot we laid out artificial grass to give a homely feel with many potted plants and flowers, artificial and with a mixture of real plants and trees to give easier maintenance.

We added to the garden a Buddhist theme waterfall feature, giving a very calming effect.

This theme was also carried forward to the solarium, with Bourgonvillea planting to add colour to the plain walls.

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Townhouse Interior

Talking to the owners, they very much had a musical background.

So in the living/dining room area we had a theme of light greys and lemon colours to give light and softness with large pictures of Jazz musicians, and statues.

Finished off with a large grey and lemon rug, and an assortment of potted plants throughout to give a warm ambiance.

Master Bedroom

Calm elegance and simplicity to enhance serenity

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Hall stairs and landings

Contemporary art elegance with indulgent mirrors and interesting planting to tease the eye through the space.

Townhouse Solarium

This year, with inspiration from UK gardens, we have indulged our love of green and brought colour with defined zoning.

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