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Roda Snooker Pool Dining or Boardroom table


Available in several colours and materials, this original table will create a conversation topic wherever it is used. The art and craft of Aniline Leather providing a tactile quality to your table. Comes in 6-10ft sized, a remarkable Snooker / Dining / Boardroom table.

Available with a choice of tops including, wooden, clear glass, frosted glass, paned or full glass top.

Our Dining table chairs can be found here

Price from € 14,300.00


English Pool – exterior 206cm x 116cm, playing area 180cm x 90cm

American Pool 8’ – exterior 256cm x 141cm, playing area 230cm x 115cm

American Pool 9’ – exterior 280cm x 153cm, playing area 254cm x 127cm

3/4 Snooker – exterior 280cm x 153cm, playing area 254cm x 127cm


Available in American Pool, Snooker and English pool versions.


SIZE: 6ft / 7ft / 7.2ft/ 8ft / 8.5ft / 9.2ft / 10ft


SLATE: monobloc 19mm 6ft / 7ft

30mm on 8ft and 9ft 3pc

50mm on 10ft and 12ft 3pc

CLOTH COLOUR: of your choice

UNDERFRAME: patented metal support frame with lifetime warranty

CABINET WORK: solid Kotibe wood

LEATHER COVERING: pink crocodile



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