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PART 2 Town House Patio & Poolside commission

The Patio garden of the Townhouse featured a beautiful corner shape swimming pool, and that is pretty much it, nothing else.

We started by laying artificial grass all around the garden, which instantly added colour and warmth, the client had a garden patio set, and also a large Dining table that came from England but was to big for the house.

We painted it white, cut a hole for a parasol, and had instantly created an outdoor 8 seating dining table, close to the patio doors leading into the kitchen .

Adding 4 large lemon trees and 4 artificial ones, added colour and various heights to the landscape , with many planting tubs of all shapes and sizes, again with real and artificial flowers mixed together, making for ease of maintence, and then the piece de resistance , a beautiful waterfeature, toped with a bust of a Buddha .

Hope this blog gives you some inspiration with your garden. Why not get in touch and see if we can help you with any shape of outdoor space, from gardens, to poolsides, perhaps roof terrace, balcony’s or patio’s.